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Why does BELLMAR use nanotechnologies?

Working on the cellular level, nanocosmetics is the most successful in eliminating the reason, not consequences of skin problems; thus, it solves the problems from the inside.

It gives the opportunity to prevent and cure early aging and other skin pathologies by mild and adequate correction of the processes taking place in cells both at the very early stage and later stages of age-related changes.

Because regeneration is reached without skin damages, nanocosmetics has already been recognized as a reasonable alternative to injections, cosmetic surgery, and other modern rejuvenation methods. Most of these methods have their disadvantages: they either have a lot of restrictions, or are very expensive.

Nanoparticles indeed open new horizons in cosmetic science. Moreover, we can say that owing to nanoparticles this cosmetics is truly healing – skin defects are not just hidden or decorated, the reasons for skin aging are removed.

Thus, nanocosmetics enables to:

  1. Renew skin cells’ the natural energy balance.
  2. Activate natural regeneration mechanisms.
  3. Strengthen protection and immune system.
  4. Improve skin elasticity.
  5. Improve skin metabolism.
  6. Moisturise skin and prevent its early aging.

Nanocosmetics creates the best, ideal conditions for your skin to remain Healthy and Beautiful. Earlier it was just a dream, today it is possible

The point of nanotechnology is that biologically active ingredients are placed in special containers – nanosomes, tiny balls filled with various components (for example, nanosomes with gold particles). Due to their tiny size, nanosomes can penetrate into deep layers of epidermis, where their tiny envelope is dissolved, and your skin gets all necessary ingredients from the inside. That is why, a skin lotion with nanosomes is usually more effective than a traditional lotion.

Nanocomplex contains a lot of active ingredients, and each ingredient is delivered in the “right” amount, to the “right” skin layer, in the “right” time.

Thus, valuable useful components of cosmetic substances become much more active, can easily reach the skin’s cells.

May your skin be as pure as a dewdrop.