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Time is said to be the best doctor for the soul; however, it is not as helpful for the skin. BELLMAR nanocosmetics – modern elixir for eternal youth – can resist its influence.


Our skin consists of three layers; the visible one is called epidermis. Normally, the process of cell renewal is constant: top layer cells die and are replaced by the new ones rising from the deeper layers. But over time the speed of the cell replacement process slows down; that is why, skin surface becomes faded and not as smooth as before.

The second layer is derma. This is the place for collagen and elastin protein structures. Their role is similar to mattress springs – owing to their presence our skin is soft and elastic. But these «springs» also wear out over time, their structure is broken, and it takes longer for the new proteins to replace the old ones. As a result, one day we notice that the skin does not look as healthy as it used to.

The third layer is hypoderm, the subcutaneous fat. Women are now trying to get rid of this layer by all possible means; however, it is the necessary foundation for the skin’s upper layers.

As we can see, time breaks into each and every process of our body, and a woman’s beauty does not benefit from it.

The main disadvantage of a usual skincare lotion is that its useful ingredients that the lotion contains work in the epidermis (the first level) only but most of the skin problems appear in the second and third layers. As a result, the action of the lotion, even the one containing effective and expensive ingredients, will not tell on the fading skin; only a small part of the useful ingredients will reach its deeper layers, but most of them will stay in the epidermis.

The good news is that owing to the BELLMAR nanocosmetics, today this problem has been solved. The nanotechnologies, developed in active collaboration with the Pavanello Group laboratories (Italy), allow for creating premium-class cosmetics. Such cosmetics has a special mechanism of work – it contains gold nanoparticles, able to transport all the necessary ingredients to the very cell of your skin, which needs them more than others.

Gold has always symbolized wealth, fortune, beauty, and health. It began to be used as a cosmetic ingredient in the Ancient Egypt. Now gold is used as a cosmetic ingredient in the form of NANOPARTICLES; these are the tiniest gold fragments, possessing new qualities. They participate in the process of cell renewal of the deepest skin levels, making your skin healthy and filling it with strength and energy, so that every woman felt like Cleopatra.

The process of cell renewal is accelerated because gold enhances blood and lymph circulation, helps to remove toxins, delivers to the derma all the necessary ingredients – active plant extracts: extracts of beech tree buds and black tea, tea rose oil and wheat sprouts, extracts of bearberry, chamomile, hamamelis, wild mango, murumuru, carite oils, and others.

Now women can benefit from the advantages of nanotechnologies:

  1. Visible results within the shortest period of time.
  2. Nanosize allows for the biologically active ingredients to easily reach into the intercellular space.
  3. Energy and nutrition elements reach the active derma cells, but not form an idle lotion layer on the dead horny epidermis.
  4. Your skin will gladly absorb all the most «tasty» and «useful» ingredients! No more painful injections.

With its immediate and visible results, BELLMAR nanocosmetics is the best choice for modern women.

These cosmetics will give you:

  • wrinkle-free, smooth, and healthy skin;
  • no more dark circles under your eyes;
  • deep cleaning and reduced age spots;
  • skin whitening and smooth complexion;
  • perfect skin moisturizing and nutrition during day and night.

BELLMAR – best way to make friends with the mirror!

Admire yourself every day!