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Anti-wrinkle facial maxi fillerstrong

Sad as it may be, but over years our organism gets older, skin fades, wrinkles appear. In addition, skin fading can start earlier than the rest of the organism. Many factors influence the appearance of wrinkles: lifestyle, insufficient skin nourishment and moisturising, diseases. Sometimes it happens that there have not been severe ordeals in a person’s life, and the health is fine, but wrinkles on his / her face tell the story of many daily and minor problems. All this adds age, but everyone would like to have healthy and young skin.

Specially for BELLMAR, the exclusive skin support system has been developed. Its aim is a heavy, but pointed strike against one of the skin problems, which causes its early aging. Active BELLMAR Anti-wrinkle facial maxi filler is based on the exclusively developed and registered NANOGOLD formula, that contains instant-action peptides (able to start rejuvenation process and activate the work of hormones) and heksapeptide (having the Botox action). The ingredients of the active concentrate are enriched with the beech tree and valuable black tea extracts. Penetrating deep into the skin, they give instant visible effect, make the skin smooth and even, reduce mimic wrinkles.

The maxi filler is applied onto three face sections: centre of the forehead, nasolabial parts, and “crow’s feet” – small mimic wrinkles around eyes. The action of the BELLMAR Anti-wrinkle maxi filler can be compared to Botox shots. Wrinkle reduction is visible after the first use. It works right in the application zones (do not apply around eyes!). In the natural testing environment, the effect of the active concentrate registered formula has proved skin rejuvenation after 30 days of use.

For best results recommended using together with BELLMAR Facial lifting serum concentrate and in complex with facial creams (BELLMAR Gold hydra defence anti-spot cream SPF 15 or BELLMAR Intensive regenerating night cream).

Directions for use: apply onto wrinkles (centre of the forehead, nasolabial parts, small mimic wrinkles) after thorough face cleansing with the BELLMAR mousse. Massage gently into the skin until absorbs.

Container 15 ml. Recommended retail price: 28 Euro