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Biphasic cleansing eye makeup remover

Sensitive skin around eyes is very quick to respond to any external aggression factors. Inadequate care or cosmetics not suitable for skin around eyes can cause swelling, irritation, and skin reddening. Two-phase BELLMAR eye make-up remover is ideal for any type of skin; it gently purifies your skin and dissolves make-up, including waterproof mascara. This affect is reached due to combined action: tea rose oil dissolves cosmetic components, softens and nourishes your skin; chamomile and hamamelis extracts, known for their antibacterial qualities, soothe the skin, gently purify it, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of freshness.

The two-phase make-up remover is a combination of effective and delicate care. Purification is especially gentle, the ingredients balance skin structure – it is the best choice for sensitive and mixed type skin.

During testing, women noted exceptional effect of the eye make-up remover.

Directions for use: before use, shake the bottle for homogeneous texture. Soak a cotton ball with the lotion and gently remove makeup.


Container 150 ml. Recommended retail price: 20 Euro