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Anti-aging maxi lip volumizer

Sensual lips have always been one a symbol of a sexual woman. Women always try to draw attention to their lips with the help of the existing cosmetics. But for a long time silicone remained the only way for cardinal changes of the lips form. Now a new BELLMAR lip gel formula gives you a safe and easy way to have seductive lips, and no more surgery. Protection, nutrition, volume – here are the three words characterising the action of the BELLMAR lip gel. The gel improves lip blood circulation and visually increases lips volume. The peptide-based formula (able to start rejuvenation process) in complex with a lot of other most useful ingredients – gold nanoparticles, portulaka flower extract, wild mango and carite oil extracts, vitamins, essential fatty acid and moisturisers, mango and ginger root extracts – smoothes out the skin, nourishes it, forms a protective barrier, facilitates regeneration of the damaged lip skin, moisturises your lips.

BELLMAR lip gel is your reliable friend; it is always with you, whenever you need it!

During testing the lip gel, women noted not only increase of the lips volume, but protective qualities against windy, cold, and humid weather.

Directions for use: apply onto your lips evenly. After the gel, you can use your favourite lipstick or lip gloss. The product can cause a slight feeling of burning. Caution: not for internal use!

Container 10 ml. Recommended retail price: 19 Euro