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Cleansing mousse

Face cleansing in an important part of daily care. Aggressive soaps can damage your skin. Light and tender mousse smells good, instantly purifies, dissolves even the most water-proof makeup, gently and carefully removes all dirt from the skin. It is perfectly suitable for morning wakeup and evening relaxation.

The mousse is a rare example of a cosmetic agent successfully solving a number of other problems. Apart from ideal cleansing, it forms a protective barrier, moisturizes your skin, and makes it smooth and fresh – everything due to the extract of Senna Alixandria from India. Extracts of chamomile and cornflower make the skin fresh and relaxed, and the peptide (able to start rejuvenation process) in combination with the registered NANOGOLD formula guarantees perfect protection against the adverse effect of environment.

Your face will look fresh, will get more ingredients for nutrition, with the very first use it will look younger and more beautiful.

Directions for use: moisture your hands and face, squeeze a little mousse onto your palm, rub the mousse in your hands until foamy, then gently massage your face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Container 100 ml. Recommended retail price:24 Euro