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Gold hydra defence anti-spot cream SPF 15

Smooth and silky skin is the symbol of beauty and excellence. Day moisturising BELLMAR cream has a perfectly light texture, it is enriched with the extracts of 7 plants from the Swiss Alps for gentle care and intensive moisturizing during the day. Formula with the bearberry extract removes and prevents age spots, gives the feeling of comfort and freshness. The cream smells good, easily absorbs, and no greasy shine on your face.

The unique ingredients of the cream have antioxidant characteristics, smooth out complexion and give it a healthy glow. Sun protection filters (SPF 15) do not penetrate deep into the skin and form a “screen” between the skin and sunrays, providing unprecedented protection against A and B UV rays.

Your skin will forget about everyday stress of changing warm and dry air of a room into cold and humid air of the outside. You will be able to minimize the aggressive effect of the environment on the face. The cream helps to reduce wrinkles that appeared due to skin aging, natural face muscular contraction and mimic.

During 28-day testing, women using BELLMAR Gold hydra defence anti-spot cream confirmed skin rejuvenation and reduction of size and colour of age spots. For maximum face rejuvenation effect, it is recommended to use the cream together with BELLMAR Facial lifting serum concentrate.

Directions for use: every morning, after thorough cleansing with the BELLMAR mousse, apply cream onto your face, gently massaging until absorbs.

Container 50 ml. Recommended retail price: 30 Euro