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Anti-aging immediate lifting eye contour cream

Skin around eyes is the most gentle; that is why, it requires special care. Stress, modern lifestyle, environment pollution affect our skin, and, first of all, its most sensitive parts around eyes. Small wrinkles around eyes – that’s how we pay for our smiles and tears. Swelling appears after sleepless nights and extra liquid in the organism. Skin around eyes is very thin (only half a millimetre), has no muscles, sebaceous glands or hydroderm; it easily stretches, swells, and loses its freshness. Finally, we get the most disappointing result: “crow’s feet”, wrinkles, dark circles, and baggy skin under the eyes. BELLMAR anti-aging immediate lifting eye contour cream will help overcome all these problems.

Gentle and rich, it is a unique combination of scarce and luxurious beech tree buds extract, precious black tea, and the revolutionary NANOGOLD «youth molecule». The cream restores your skin’s mineral balance; its effect can be compared to the instant-effect lifting. It moisturizes your skin, renews its vitality and brilliance. Skin around eyes becomes fresh and young. Peptide ingredients (able to start rejuvenation process) prevent the skin aging; their effect can be compared to the effect of the Botulinum toxin, type А. Clay and minerals with the «silky effect» have a masking effect, remove dark circles under the eyes, making your skin soft and silky.

The important result of the BELLMAR anti-aging lifting eye contour cream: notable reduction of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation starting with the first use. The maximum effect is reached after 28 days of use.

Directions for use: every morning and evening, with gentle massage movements apply a small amount of cream onto the clean skin around eyes until absorbs.

Container 15 ml. Recommended retail price: 37 Euro