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Every woman knows that beautiful and healthy skin will always be in the centre of everyone’s attention – it does not depend on fashion trends. Beautiful appearance cheers up, adds confidence, attracts positive emotions.

Alas, aging is an irreversible process, yet, each woman would like to stop the time and remain young forever.

It was a long time ago that science joined the struggle for eternal beauty and gave women unique gold-base cosmetics to help them win and be beautiful.

Specially for BELLMAR and using gold nanoparticles, Pavanello Medical Group laboratories (Italy) have developed a new method of influencing processes in our skin. Now gold particles easily penetrate into the derma, carrying all the most useful components of plant extracts. In its turn, the derma identifies them as friendly elements and starts actively developing collagen and elastin, covering the gold particles with these valuable proteins. As a result, the derma layer becomes thicker and more active. That’s the secret! For 6`000 years gold has been the symbol of excellence and brilliance; numerous scientific and medical tests have proved incredible positive effect of this precious metal on our skin.

With BELLMAR nanotechnologies, every woman can reduce wrinkles by 55% and make her skin brilliant without surgery and painful injections. It takes just 4 weeks’ time. Is there anything more beautiful than young, healthy, and flawless skin?