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Where can I buy BELLMAR products?

You can buy BELLMAR nanocosmetics for home use in the authorised points of purchase. Please note that points of BELLMAR products purchase are located only in beauty / hairdresser’s salons, on the brand display.

How long can I keep and use an open product?

Storage period of an open product is indicated on the bottom of the packaging box or the back side of the bottle / tube. Please note that the product should be stored under normal conditions and not exposed to high or very low temperatures. For example, "12M" means that the product can be used for 12 months after opening, and is not recommended for use longer. Storage period depends on each individual product.

Does the nanocosmetics have therapeutic effect

Yes, BELLMAR cosmetics does have a therapeutic effect because it eliminates the reasons for skin aging. For example, over time the skin cannot independently produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, and it causes skin aging. The exclusive NANOGOLD formula delivers collagen and hyaluronic acid that the skin lacks and restores their level up to the necessary; plant extracts nourish, moisturise, and regenerate the cells of derma (second skin layer). Pavanello Medical Group (Italy) is the developer and manufacturer of BELLMAR products; all research and development are performed on the basis of pharmaceutical industry, which is a guarantee of the products’ superior quality and safety.

Are BELLMAR products tested on animals?

No, BELLMAR products are not tested on animals. Each new BELLMAR product is subject to testing for effectiveness and safety. Pavanello Medical Group uses two alternative safety testing methods: tests on cell cultures and user tests, carried out in compliance with the established protocol and under expert supervision. The tests are performed by independent professional laboratories on the faces of volunteers. Efficiency tests are held under medical control.

What is the best age to start using nanocosmetics?

You can start using BELLMAR nanocosmetics when you are 25, earlier – only in exceptional cases. First aging signs begin to appear mostly at the age of 24-26 (small wrinkles, dull or fading skin). To stop the aging processes, we have to protect our skin against moisture loss, nourish it with useful substances as soon as soon aging signs appear.

Is the BELLMAR nanocosmetics addictive?

No, nanocosmetics is not addictive. Traditional rejuvenate cosmetics delivers components to support skin activity, but at the same time, makes the skin dependent on these substances. In other words, as soon as you stop using such cosmetic agents, without the support, the skin will look as if no cosmetics had been used at all. BELLMAR products act in a different way. They not only deliver necessary components to the deep skin layers; most important is that they restore the function of their natural production.

What is the main difference between nanocosmetics and traditional cosmetics?

Most of traditional skincare lotions belong to «surface» agents; i. e. cannot reach deep skin layers, and thus remain on the skin surface. Such lotions can have good protective qualities, but no more. Nanocosmetics works in derma (the second skin layer). It delivers to the derma moisturisers and antioxidants in the «nanospheres» or «nanosomes» - the tiniest capsules, a million times smaller than sand grains. These nanosomes can penetrate deeply into the skin, carrying all the useful components and stimulating regeneration of epidermis cells.

How long can I use BELLMAR products? Do I need to make breaks between periods of use? Can BELLMAR cosmetics cause allergy?

BELLMAR nanocosmetics is suitable for all skin types: oily, dry, sensitive (inclined to allergy) and mixed type. Nanocosmetics contains gold nanoparticles; they can release the right amount of useful components that your skin needs. To understand how long you should use BELLMAR products, look at your skin. You can use it until you are satisfied with the skin’s appearance. However, it is very important to follow the instruction when using BELLMAR products! None of the BELLMAR products can cause allergy. The problem of allergy has been solved due to active cooperation with Pavanello Medical Group laboratories (Italy) – it is the leading research centre in Europe on nanotechnologies in cosmetology.

Do I have to continue using the cream when my problem has been solved?

Not necessarily, but you have to remember that long-lasting results are to be expected not earlier than after 1 - 2 months of a product's use. Apart from a certain skin problem, each of the products solves a complex of other matters, thus, causing positive therapeutic and preventative effect. Besides, the action of the NANOGOLD formula is not one-off, but complex. That is why, for best results, it is important to use the products regularly, and only in this case BELLMAR products can help solve skin problems, prevent recurrence of the same problems, and make your skin young and beautiful.

What is the effect of BELLMAR products on very mature skin, over 60?

Rejuvenation effect is definitely guaranteed! However, at this age, more than at any other, each woman’s skin looks differently. It depends on various factors: health, skincare habits, cosmetic surgeries, deep peelings, etc. It often happens that a 60-year old woman gets better results than a 40-year old.

Can BELLMAR products be used by the pregnant? Does nanocosmetics influence sexual attraction?

No restrictions for the use of BELLMAR products for the pregnant and breastfeeding. Regarding the second question, of course it does influence - your face and skin becoming more beautiful, you will be the most attractive woman for your partner.

Could t here be no effect from the use of BELLMAR cosmetics?

There is only one case when no effect is possible – if a choice of a cream, mask or another product is incorrect. For example, if your skin needs moisturising, not lifting, but you are using a lifting-effect cream, you skin will naturally reject such cream. If the products are chosen correctly, you will definitely get the result! Every woman will feel the result on her skin!