Liudmyla Rusalina, owner of the BELLMAR trade mark:

«Welcome to the BELLMAR world of beauty!

When developing our innovation products, we were guided, first of all, by our love to feminine beauty and our wish for women would always be young and charming. We chose Pavanello Medical Group (Italy) to be the manufacturer of these products; its research laboratories develop skincare products using the latest trends and achievements in cosmetology; for their cosmetics, they choose the best ingredients: plant extracts and nanotechnologies. Here are a few of the reasons why clients choose BELLMAR cosmetics:

  • Complex action:
    Combination of several active ingredients allows creating a range of products, that “work” in certain skin segments and help the skin get the very components, it needs at the moment.
  • Nanotechnologies:
    BELLMAR cosmetics contains the NANOGOLD formula, delivering necessary ingredients to the «inside» of your skin, helping to restore its structure and elasticity.
  • Maintaining skin ecology:
    BELLMAR skincare products do not cause painful skin reactions; they protect your skin against such harmful effects as wind, cold, sun, dust; and prevent age spots and early aging.
  • True pleasure:
    Texture, flavour, application method – everything is carefully thought over by the BELLMAR developers. Using BELLMAR cosmetics is a true pleasure.

BELLMAR is an innovative brand that represents the latest creative developments in cosmetology. This is a mixture of nanotechnologies, gold particles, and traditional power of plant extracts. Constant strive for authenticity and excellence is the best inspiration of our work. »


Vitalii Khoriak, director of the BELLMAR representation office:

«Dear friends, welcome to the BELLMAR nanocosmetics site!

Today beauty industry does not lag behind medicine and cosmetics; it is researching the potential of nanotechnologies to give you more youth, beauty, and health! The unique cosmetics was created in the result of close cooperation of Italian nanotechnology scientists with the S.I.P.R.ES. factory (Italy); the ingredients are active plant extracts, well tested by time and nature, and gold nanoparticles.

A Woman much more than a man feels the necessity to please her and others. She cares about her appearance; she pays special attention to her skin. It is well known that for a woman it is very important to find such cosmetics that would awaken her senses, as if revealing the secrets of her inner world.

Each of you will fall in love with the innovative BELLMAR products, their superior quality, elegant packaging, ease of use, and extraordinary effect. We would like to reveal a special sensual side of the New Woman, full of emotions and passion. We would like to add fascination to every day of her life! This is a special world – the BELLMAR world – the world of innovations and advanced technologies. Be a part of this world, and we are ready to be your reliable partners. »

With the range of 9 products and a firm belief that every Woman can and should be beautiful, in December 2010 the team of experienced professionals started a new BELLMAR epoch in Europe.

BELLMAR mission:

«Serve people in the name of Health and Beauty. We offer the alternative to traditional cosmetics, focusing on nanotechnologies, gold, and various plant components. BELLMAR is the cosmetics that makes you beloved».