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BELLMAR – the name for the trade mark was not chosen by accident. In Italian «bello mare meditteraneo» means “a beautiful sea”, there is romance and love in the name.

Beautiful Venus, a girl of divine beauty who emerged from the sea foam, represents eternal Spring and Youth.Endless sea reflects golden sunlight from the surface of water. The sea returns the sunrays, and the light rises up turning into priceless gold. The gold, due to its use in the BELLMAR nanocosmetics, helps to stop the time, makes your skin young and fresh.

Love for feminine beauty and the sea, wish to stop the time inspired us for creating BELLMAR cosmetics. Our aim is to create an image of a New Woman, charming and alluring. The image that would associate with the Spring, the Sun, the Sea, Flowers and Beauty; she is cheerful and lively, but tender and fragile. Such woman would have a healthy, young, and fresh skin. Her world is the world of joy, charm, and love.

The cosmetics created in Italy have its unique charm and brilliance. It sets the trends and the tone in the world of modern cosmetology. Created with the help of the latest scientific achievements, it is in step with the time. That is why, all BELLMAR products help women to stop the time and remain young and beautiful. Everything connected with BELLMAR associates with active and cheerful life; it is always modern and up to date.

Each woman has her own beauty. Like a flower, she needs a special and delicate care, and this care is BELLMAR.

Creating new products, BELLMAR tries to whip up emotions and arouse new feelings of the sea beauty.