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BELLMAR nanocosmetics is produced in the S.I.P.R.ES. S.r.l. factory, located 10 km away from Padua (Italy). In 1993 the factory was acquired by Pavanello Group, established in 1972 by Doctor Gironimo Pavanello.

S.I.P.R.ES. S.r.l. takes leading positions in the Italian market of cosmetics and healthcare products. The factory’s mission is: «Development of new products from the concept to the production to meet the needs of the European customers; forecasting and marketing of new trends in cosmetology». The S.I.P.R.ES. Company has its own research department, to develop and test new cosmetic recipes. Annually, Pavanello Group invests about 20% of its turnover into the factory progress. The staff of the research department includes chemists, physicians, and technical employees, who guarantee adherence of the ready products to the highest quality standards. To meet the customers’ timing requirements, the factory works double shifts a day. S.I.P.R.ES. S.r.l. produces about 30 tons of cosmetics daily – about 150 000 items in various packaging. On the 14 July 2006 the factory was certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 requirements of the IMQ CSQ corporation (certificate number 9190.SIPR), and got the international certificate “IQNet THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK” (certificate number IT-52385) for the following types of activity: planning, research, development, production, and packaging of cosmetics and personal care products.

S.I.P.R.ES. S.r.l. has two own trademarks: REIVOLL and KESYR. It produces professional cosmetics DIBI CENTER, presented in Italy, Spain, and the USA; such brands as BELLMAR, BOTTEGA VERDE, COLLISTAR, LABO, PERLIER, PIZ BUIN, SANTANGELICA are well-known in Europe.For the Italian cosmetics market the factory produces goods under such trade marks as: CLèO, CLINIANS, MALIZIA, TESORI D’ORIENTE, VENUS, VIVIDUS; for Italian pharmaceutical networks – BIOCALPIL, EMUGEN 5, MEDICEA; and ANGSTROM for an Austrian pharmaceutical network.