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Doctor Antonio Mazzucco, developer of BELLMAR cosmetics:

«According to the new world trends, the image of a New Woman is becoming more and more popular: she is charming and alluring; her skin is beautiful and healthy. In the BELLMAR cosmetics, gold is the key to the product’s secret; it guarantees effective and exciting skincare. BELLMAR cosmetics protects your skin against early aging, restores its natural health and beauty, moisturises and nourishes making your skin fresh and young. Using gold, I did not strive for more luxury; first of all, I was guided by its value for a human organism in the form of nanoparticles and the ability to care for a person’s natural beauty».

In the products’ marketing, one of the main purposes is to contact the customer. In different life situations many people seek for help of a professional psychologist. For many women, a person like a hairdresser becomes such a psychologist – a person to trust, follow the recommendations, discuss problems, and learn news. It takes a long time, often many years, to find such a person; but finding one, a woman would never look for someone else. That is why, you can buy BELLMAR cosmetics only in beauty / hairdresser’s salons, where it is presented on the brand display. It is not available in a supermarket; neither will you find it in the Internet. It emphasizes the brand’s exclusiveness. We guarantee a present for each buyer of BELLMAR cosmetics (products catalogue and a sample of another product). Besides, each product unit is individually and originally packed.

Stylish design in combination with traditions and innovations. A team, headed by well-known Oddone Rukhas, developed the design of bottles and packaging. It was Oddone Rukhas, who offered the logo in the form of gold oval cartouche with bas-relief contours, symbolizing eternal values. The prevailing colour – pink – is not accidental either. Pink is the mixture of feelings and; it is the light and beauty, romance and inspiration! It implies strength, confidence, and love of life. And it was not by chance that the special fibreglass bottle with a travelling dispenser was designed: now when travelling, a woman does not have to worry that her favourite skin care lotion could spread all over her luggage.

For the brand’s advertising and image, we chose an ordinary woman to be the BELLMAR face, but a woman having perfect skin, hair and teeth. She is attractive and alluring with an unusual inner world. A woman of a European type, who would remain attractive wearing any type of clothes: an evening dress, seductive underwear, a business suit or casual style. The brand is universal – BELLMAR cosmetics is designed for women of any age and social status. It is premium-class cosmetics with the most reasonable price in its segment.

Our sales team believes – should you use BELLMAR cosmetics once, the success is guaranteed, you will enjoy the product and would like to share the secret of youth and beauty with your friends.